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For the man (or woman) who would like to break out of the salary-rut-for good open doors to thousands of extra dollars of income every year, without risking his present job and perhaps even start two or three little self perpetuating businesses of his own on the side, that make money for him while he sleeps.



  Hi, I'm Michael Senoff.

  How would you like to have access to personal one on one, step by step expert help from some of the top money making experts in the world telling you how to make money?

  Or be the first one in your area to exploit a new marketing or business idea that for every one dollar you invest can bring you back five, ten twenty or even one hundred times.

  Or even use these fantastic new ways to make money to help your wife, brother, father, mother or son.

  I'm talking about hundreds of plans completely unknown to 99% of your friends and fellow workers.

  For last fifteen years I have been interviewing experts about the laws of making money.

  How to make it, how to keep it and how to save it.

  And I have created a massive library of fascinating streaming audio mp3 interviews with big name marketers and money making experts.

  You'll hear them spill the beans on how they make money, how they got rich and how they got famous.

  Now I am offering these interviews in the form of an online monthly newsletter called The Money Shot News

  You're going to fall in LOVE with my style of telephone interviews.


  Because they are different and superior to any lectures or podcasts out there.

  They are more detailed.

  They are longer.

  And they created with you in mind.

  I edit the interview so they are easy on your ears.

  The scope of marketing and business information waiting for you is mind blowing.





  1) You get a new Senoff monthly 2017 Audio Interview On Making Money.  

  You want great interviews. You want interviews that will teach you about money. You want to learn how to get it, and how to keep it. And you want an interview that will entertain you and NOT bore you to death or put you to sleep.

  I interview people who are a whole lot smarter than me about making money!

  Others have said my interviews are different.

  They're edited and clean.

  I pack them with information you can use and apply.

  They are easy to hear.

  No small talk and no sound effects.

  You get the meat and nothing but the money meat.

  You're in luck because I am not afraid to ask any question. I work hard to extract valuable information from my experts that others miss or are too lazy to ask for.

  These new interviews are not currently available on any of my web sites nor are they part of ANY current product within my product library.

  They are going to be the Prime Rib of money making interviews and are exclusively for YOU!


  2) PDF Word 4 Word Transcripts


   With each interview, you are going to have a printable readable PDF document of the word for word transcripts from the audio interview. I know from experience you may like to read rather than listen. With these transcripts, you will be able to outline the most important topics of the interview, review URL links and resources and copy and paste relevant text from the interview for easy access. The PDF file will be available as a downloadable document.


  3) Money Shot Buy Sell Profit Case studies


    I am constantly out in the field looking for items I can either acquire for free or purchase inexpensively to resell for profits. I am getting pretty good with my iPhone. Therefore, I can take images of the items as I see them. I then show you through photos my process for detailing, staging, listing, and ultimately selling the items that I find. You will see it, A-to-Z, and, most importantly, when possible, I will show you the money shot. That is the photo of my buyer holding up the cash. What more proof will you need to know that you can do it too. I will lead by example, and you just follow my instructions. With each money shot by cell profit case study, you will learn new methods for making fast cash too. You will soon, start to think like a Senoff.

  4) Money Shot Millionaire Maker Case study

   You may not know this about me but I am an inventor. I hold multiple US patents and trademarks for products that I have invented. And there is nothing I love more than learning about the success stories from people who have made millions from their ideas. Each month with you Money Shot News subscription you'll get a millionaire case study. It's a featured story about how individual entrepreneurs made millions off of their ideas. Each story will include the date of the invention, the inventor's personal contact information, the problem that sparked the idea, the top five challenges, the darkest hour and the final breakthrough. You will hear about their first major sale, what other products or brand extensions came after the first idea.

   Reading and learning from each of these million dollar case studies will bring you closer to being a more confident entrepreneur. Each story will help you understand that these multi-millionaires are people just like you and I. After reading their story, you will be convinced and saying, "If they can do it, why can't I?

  5) "Michael's Money Shot Muggets" Little Tricks and Tips I use every day to save time & make money

   As I live each day as an business man, father, brother, son, husband, writer, inventor, publisher and entrepreneur, I will compile my money muggets. These are little tips and tricks I use each day to save myself time and money. I will share my thoughts with you in each month's issue of The Money Shot.


Three Big Bonuses Below Only available for 12 Month Subscribers.


Bonus #1) Product Discounts

   Four times per year, I will publish a new and exciting information products. Non members will pay full retail for these trainings as high as $597. Yearly Money Shot News subscribers get these same products for as low as $20 each.

Bonus #2) Access to "The Vault"

  Own the key that unlocks "The Vault" to hundreds or hours of my best business and marketing interviews. I've been working on this audio collection for the last fifteen years. It's been a labor of love and discovery and it's now YOURS!

    Each interview includes an interview description, the PDF Word for Word transcripts, the digital MP3 audio files and an audio play, fast-forward, reverse and pause control buttons.

  You'll listen on your iPhone, tablet, laptop or home computer. Your car now, transformed into a rolling University.

  Never run out of something USEFUL to learn

  Click here to see a sample listing of the audio interviews waiting for you to download.

  Bonus #3) Access To My Blog

   Gain full access to over 1200 of my best email and marketing messages with descriptions and direct links to my best interviews.

  With your membership, you'll have a password for unrestricted access to

  Just look at all the great posts waiting for you.

  As the money shot news matures, new additions, ideas, and features will be added.

  If you are still reading and having to think about it, ask your wife or search for change in your sofa cushions, I just don't know what more there is to say.

  I can guarantee you this. If you take baby steps doing what I show in The Money Shot News, you can pay for your subscriptions for years to come.



A Story

  Mark Spitz, who in 1972 won 6 Olympic gold medals went to Indiana University.

  And his coach was a guy named Doc Counsilman, the greatest swim coach in America's history.

  The first day of practice every fall, Counsilman would get all the guys on the swim team to go out on the swim deck.

  And there was a little banner that hung over the pool.

  And the banner only had three words on it.




  Doc said, "Okay guys, we're going to spend a lot of time together this year, and if you want to be a part of this swim team, every afternoon, you have to come here for a couple of hours and swim until you hurt.

  But if you have higher goals and you want to be an NCA champ, you want to be a national champ; you have to come here every afternoon and swim until you're in pain."

  "If you have still higher goals and you want to be the next Mark Spitz, you want to be a world champion or an Olympic champion; you have to come here and train until you're in agony." He said, "So it's your choice.

  He said, "All of you, I wouldn't have recruited you unless I knew each and every one of you had world class potential inside of you."

  Here's the interesting thing.

  Whether you choose the hurt, endure the pain or go all the way for the agony, by the time you have dinner, everything is going to go back to normal.

  So it's how much are you willing to give in that hour or two every day that's going to determine your destiny.

 What's it going to be?

 Hurt, Pain, or Agony

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 And I'll see you on the other side.

PS. Money Shot News guests are not going to be the same old boring Gurus you see all over the internet.

I'm going to use my personal and business contacts to bring you the cat's meow.

In other words, you are going to hear from experts you've never heard about.

Interesting. off the wall, practical topics on making money that'll get you shouting from your mother's basement.


In the event I interview a well known figure, I promise MY interview will be more dense, more informative and more about "the money" than any that exist in print, video or audio already.

It's my mission to bring you winners you've never heard of.

So if you want Michael Senoff 2.0 Beast Mode Money Shot Interview Style. take my hand.

Follow my lead and let's make some money!

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